Guam Republican Party ‘appalled’ by Nelson’s call to halt flights


The Republican Party of Guam is “quite appalled” by the request made by
Vice Speaker Telena Nelson to the Guam International Airport Authority to suspend all incoming flights from countries that have confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, to include Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.

According to the GOP, Nelson is “obviously is pandering” to the emotions of the electorate.

“What we don’t see is a request from the Vice Speaker asking the Governor of Guam what actions her administration is taking to address quarantine and screening services at the airport. What we have yet to see is leadership from Adelup stepping up and addressing the people of Guam with not just updates, but assurances. What we have heard is an executive-level discussion where only elected officials would be invited to listen to updates, yet there has yet to be an address to the community in general. Leaders lead, and at a time of such uncertainty, our island needs leadership,” the Guam Republican Party stated in a news release.

The GOP release added that Nelson does not realize that it took our island years to recover from the threats made by the North Korean regime — a threat that set back the island’s primary Japanese tourism market, which has been an economic pillar of Guam for decades.

“Since 2018 we started seeing these numbers rebound, however when elected leaders create paranoia as the statement did yesterday, this has the potential of reaching our markets and once again impacting them adversely that we are not a safe island. We do want to remind Vice Speaker Nelson that suspending flights doesn’t just impact hotels owned by the large corporations whom she may see in a negative limelight, but their employees. This could result in reduced working hours or even layoffs for these Guamanians, which affects disposable income when shopping for groceries, medicine or supplies, or even paying their bills. The trickle-down effect can be very disastrous for our economy,” the GOP release stated.