Guam Republicans celebrate Trump re-election launch; weigh in on war claims issue

Local Republicans gathered to celebrate Republican President Donald Trump's launch of his re-election campaign.

Republicans on Guam rejoiced as they stood by their man and cheered on another four years of Republican presidency under the Trump administration.

How do members of the local GOP feel about the announcement made by President Trump this morning that he is gunning for re-election?

“We are very excited about the President launching his re-election campaign today. The Republican party of Guam has endorsed the re-election of the president and vice president,” GOP state chairman Jerry Crisostomo said.

Minority Leader Sen. Wil Castro also said they are looking forward to a strong president who’s unafraid to do things differently.

“I look forward to the president who’s really not part of the establishment and therefore subscribes to no real loyalty other than the need to move us forward as a country and the Marianas and Guahan, especially, have been guaranteed that we’ll be part of that movement forward,” Castro said.

Republican Senator Telo Taitague also said the president’s announcement is good news.

“As you can see, we’re all here standing in unity for the Republican party and pushing forward. And hoping that president Trump has four more years,” Taitague said.

However, it appears that Republicans also had some thoughts on how President Trump has carried himself as our head of state.

“Well, you know Donald Trump is Donald Trump, right? And he’s a non-politician, he’s non-conventional and I think that’s what draws people to him,” Crisostomo said.

Castro added: “I can’t say I appreciate his style of communication. I like the tweets, the tweets are fine. He’s utilizing social media to it’s fullest. I, for one, don’t have that particular communication style. He speaks frankly and very tersely. It’s probably a cultural difference. I know many people don’t think it’s very stately or presidential but he speaks his mind and at least he does what he says and he doesn’t mince words.”

Taitague said there’s always good and bad in everyone “but with President Trump, I think he’s doing more good then he is bad.”

A Republican convention will be held on March 14 next year to elect the nine delegates who will represent the Republican Party of Guam in Charlotte, North Carolina during the national GOP convention.

War claims

As Guam Republican Party Chairman Jerry Crisostomo and other GOP members celebrated President Trump’s re-election announcement, Crisostomo also said they transmitted a letter supporting Guam war claims legislation to Congressman Rob Bishop who’s a ranking member of the House natural resources committee.

Also signed by the island’s Republican senators, the letter calling for unanimous support for on H.R. 1365 which will be having a markup hearing Thursday, Guam time.

The letter reads: We urge the Republican Members of the House Committee on Natural Resources to support a Unanimous Consent Motion for H.R. 1365. This would allow expedited approval by the whole House of Representatives prior to July 21st, our commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation Day of Guam.”