Guam Republicans elated at picking up additional seats in the Legislature


The Republican Party of Guam is elated to have picked up additional seats for the 36th Guam Legislature. While the hopes were to promote true checks and balances within the Government of Guam through a majority, attaining 2 additional seats within the legislative body provides an 8-7 minority versus the present super minority status.

Along with the three returning incumbents, Senators James Moylan, Mary Camacho Torres, and Telo Taitague, the Republican Party of Guam is also excited in the return of former Senators Tony Ada, Frank Blas Jr., Chris Duenas, and Joanne Brown.

The group not only brings a diversity of experience from both the public and private sectors, but also will bring to the table a degree of professionalism, transparency, and the much-needed energy as our island recovers from this health and economic crisis.

Republican Senators will continue to roll up their sleeves to work with members of the Democratic majority as we move the island forward. With this, we offer our best wishes to the 36th Guam Legislature, and may we continue to pray that the work of the people is prioritized.

(Republican Party of Guam News Release)