Guam Republicans urge governor to pay out tax refunds now


The Republican Party of Guam Executive Committee and Republican Caucus of the
35th Guam Legislature express a unified statement to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and her administration urging her to pay tax refunds now.

While it was great to hear that yesterday an additional 248 checks were released in the amount of $861,000, we need to remind the administration that these were not only
filings from a little more than 5 months ago, but represent a very small percentage of the nearly 13,000 island residents whose jobs have been impacted by this present crisis.

Party Chairman and former Senator Tony Ada said, “Every day we are hearing of stories where individuals are worried about how they will address their families’ essential needs. Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for public assistance, and federal relief programs are still far from getting into the hands of our people. There is much not within our direct control. Tax refunds are certainly something in our local, direct control and should be paid to alleviate the suffering of our people today.”

Prioritize tax refunds, so that we not only provide many families some breathing room, but these actions will help stimulate the economy as well as a much-needed infusion for both the public and private sectors.

Both Bills 319-35 and 322-35 were introduced by Republican Senators to address the priority of tax refunds being paid; this has been met with deaf ears and averted vision by the legislative majority

“At the very beginning of the FY 2020 Budget Law – Chapter 1, Section 3 – senators prioritized $125 million for tax refunds, before any other appropriation. May I suggest we all remind the Governor of this law. To date, there are thousands of tax refunds that have yet to be paid out,” Minority Leader Telo Taitague stated.

We recognize that these are times of many uncertainties, and our government is seeking solutions that are beyond “business as usual”. However, the first priority should be the well-being of our island community, and this encompasses their public health and safety along with assuring that in a time of a crisis, their sustainability. Paying tax refunds are within our local, direct control. Simply Put – Pay Tax Refunds Now!

(Guam GOP press release)