Guam Sailors Participate in CSADD Rally


Guam – Guam Sailors from a number of commands discussed issues such as alcohol abuse and sexual assault during a Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) Rally at The Big Screen theater on U.S. Naval Base Guam April 25.

 Rear Adm. Tilghman Payne, Commander, Joint Region Marianas (JRM) offered a few remarks during the event, encouraging Sailors to make better decisions and actions for themselves and promote them for each other.

“An organization like CSADD can help a lot and I’ve seen it work,” he said. “I’ve seen it make a difference. I applaud all of you for being here today and hopefully we will build this coalition and it will provide the kind of support that our service members need.”

JRM Chief Yeoman (SW) Gabriel Sanchez, JRM Regional CSADD Coordinator organized the event, which was the first CSADD Rally on Guam. According to Sanchez, CSADD rallies are designed to positively reinforce the Navy’s core values, provoke thought and inspire discussion among attendees. 

“The concept is shipmates helping shipmates,” he said. “Last year the CSADD chapters throughout the Navy, throughout the world, they started to do these rallies to bring more people, to impact more people than the average group.”

 Sailors participated in a Harlem Shake competition, attended awareness presentations about sexual assault and alcohol abuse and ended the event with a Gangnam-Style dance off.

Coastal Riverine Group 1 Det. Guam Master-At-Arms 2nd Class Andrew Bourdier said he enjoyed the rally and recognized the importance of building awareness.

“It was a lot of fun, you’ve got guys in the back laughing and jeering, you’ve got lots of events getting people involved and just having a good time,” he said. “(It’s) getting the information out there to Sailors so they know how to act out in town, so they don’t go out there blind, so we can take care of them and they know how to take care of themselves.”

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