Guam SDA Clinic adopts coronavirus safety procedures

Dr. Michael Robinson, Guam SDA Clinic Medical Director, said that in general, you want to replace your face mask daily.

If you have driven past a private medical clinic you may have noticed medical personnel suited up, screening patients outside the establishments. This is part of proactive measures being implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

PNC visited one of these clinics, namely the Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, and before we were even allowed to step foot into the clinic, we went through a screening process.

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SDA Clinic Medical Director Dr. Michael Robinson said the screening is meant to separate those who may be presenting signs or symptoms of coronavirus.

“Since mid-February, we’ve had a pre-screening area outside the Guam SDA Clinic and what we’ve done is any patient who comes for any services whether its lab or X-ray or mammogram, dental, eye they all go through pre-screening because we want to keep our patient safe,” Dr. Robinson said.

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Those that answer yes to any of the questions about health and travel are then sent back to their cars and asked to drive through the outdoor clinic where they will be further screened by a team of nurses and physicians. All without stepping foot outside their cars. Dr. Robinson says the vehicles are like isolation rooms on wheels.

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“Then patients who are identified as needing additional care by a physician or mid-level provider are seen in a secured area outside of the clinic to be treated and appropriately cared for,” the doctor said.

Once the patients have gone through the medical drive-thru, the evaluation would determine if they need further medical treatment, testing or hospitalization, or if the patient should be placed on home isolation or cleared of the coronavirus.

He added that since the Governor’s announcement of confirmed cases of COVID-19 they have seen an increase in patient visits.