Guam Sea Grant helps island move towards a more sustainable future


It’s day 2 for the UOG Center for Island Sustainability Conference and one of the Wednesday session’s focus was on the Guam Sea Grant’s efforts to help the island move towards a more sustainable future.

The UOG Sea Grant is the youngest and smallest program in a group of 34 Sea Grants.

The Sea Grant is a federally funded grant that aims to fund sustainability programs.

The Guam Sea Grant’s two focus areas are the healthy coastal ecosystem and environmental literacy and workforce development.

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Fran Castro, associate director for the UOG Sea Grant, says while they may be small, they continue to do things for and within communities.

“Like any other program, the Sea Grant program offers research funding through a competition for faculty and non-profit organizations in the region. The program works to restore Guam’s watersheds, sponsors traditional navigational courses, and explores opportunities to bring backyard aquaponics to communities on Guam,” Castro said.

She added that there are opportunities to develop plans for coastal sustainability that are needed to face climate change.

The Sea Grant Guam is striving to get to institutional status so it can be on the same level as the other 34 sea grant programs.

In doing so, it will be able have more access to resources for research extension and education programs on Guam and in the Marianas region.