Guam Senators Blas and Tony Ada Meet With Senator Jim Webb


Guam – In Washington, Guam Senators Frank Blas Jr. and Tony Ada met with U.S. Senator Jim Webb this past week about Guam’s role in the realignment of forces in the Pacific.

In a release, Senator Blas said that Senator Webb is still waiting for the Department of Defense’s master plan so that the realignment can move forward.

And even though the buildup won’t be as big as first announced, Senator Ada expressed optimism with the assurances Webb gave gave them that the island should still “expect a significant increase”  in the number of marines on Guam.

READ the release from Senator Blas’ Office in FULL below:


Washington, DC – Senators Frank Blas, Jr. and Anthony Ada met with U.S. Senator James Webb in the U.S. Capitol to talk about Guam’s role in the proposed realignment of military forces in the Asian-Pacific region.

“SenatorAda and I are grateful that Senator Webb and key members of his staff took the time to meet with us to discuss the military realignment.  The Senator stated that Guam is vital to the nation’s military presence in the region and he continues to wait for the Department of Defense’s master plan so that the realignment can move forward,” said Senator Blas.

Senator Ada stated, “Senator Blas and I believed it was important to meet with Senator Webb to get a sense of where Guam stands in the U.S. Senate’s desire for the Defense’s presence in our region. We’re optimistic with the assurance from Senator Webb that although we may not see the buildup numbers reported when the realignment was first being discussed, Guam continues to be vital to a robust defense structure and we should expect a significant increase in their presence.”

Blas and Ada also met with key staff members from the Senate Armed Services Committee to talk about what was necessary to move the realignment on Guam forward.

The two Senators are in Washington DC for various meetings in the U.S. Senate and with officials from federal entities, and to attend forums and briefings with the National Conference of State Legislatures.