Guam Senators Judith Guthertz and Rory Respicio “Adopted” by Pangasinan Provincial Board


Guam – Guam Senators Rory Respicio and Judi Guthertz have been “adopted” by the Pangasinan Provincial council in the Philippines this past week.

According to a report in the Philippine Star, Provincial officials led by Gov. Amado Espino Jr. and Vice Gov. Jose Ferdinand Calimlim Jr., who authored the resolutions, presented the distinction to Senators Judith Guthertz and Rory Respicio who attended a special session of the provincial board last Thursday.

Read the report in the Philippine Star

[Philippine Star photo]

[Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. (center, front row) flashes the No. 1 sign along with (from left, front row) Federation of Pangasinenses in Guam president Vic Rivo Sr., Guam Sen. Rory Respicio, Vice Gov. Jose Fernandez Calimlim, and Guam Sen. Judith Guthertz following the ratification of Provincial Resolution No. 394-2011 declaring Pangasinan’s intention to forge sisterhood ties with Guam. With them are members of the provincial board.]