Guam senators pass bipartisan resolution supporting Build Back Better framework

President Joe Biden speaks about his Build Back Better economic recovery plan for working families. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images via ABC News)

On Monday night, the 36th Guam Legislature unanimously passed bipartisan Resolution 203-36 (LS), relative to expressing its support for President Joseph R. Biden’s Build Back Better Framework.

Introduced by Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes (D) and Senator Mary Camacho Torres (R) and co-sponsored by 7 other members, the Resolution comes at a critical moment as the United States Senate is slated to discuss the Build Back Better Plan in the coming days.

“By expressing our utmost support for President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, the Guam Legislature is demonstrating that this historic legislation benefits Americans from Washington, DC to Guam,” stated Vice Speaker Muña Barnes. “I am eager to see that support for small businesses, families, our fragile healthcare infrastructure, and our economy is on the way; and I especially thank the President and Chairman Grijalva for ensuring that there is parity for the inclusion of the People of Guam and our sister territories in vital programs such as SSI.”

“It is an honor to work collaboratively as we advocate for the critical provisions of the Build Back Better Framework,” stated Senator Mary Camacho Torres. “With a united voice, we have successfully told the Guam Story, and I am hopeful for the swift passage of this monumental investment in our People.”

The specific provisions of the Build Back Better Plan as it relates to Guam can be found here.