VIDEO: Guam Shipyard Workers Vote No Again on Unionization; IBEW Rejected 149 – 96


Guam – For the second year in a row, Guam Shipyard workers have said no to the International Brotherhood of  Electrical Workers [IBEW].

In a text message to PNC News Wednesday evening, Local IBEW Representative Kenneth Laguana said the IBEW lost its bid to represent the shipyard workers with 149 voting “no” and 96 voting “yes.”

281 Shipyard workers were eligible to vote in the election which was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board [NLRB]. The IBEW needed 50% plus one to win the certification vote.

Last February, Guam Shipyard workers also rejected unionization with 114 voting “no”; 73 voting “yes” for the IBEW; and 3 voting “yes” for the GFT.

The GFT did not contest this election.

Tuesday, ahead of  the vote, Guam Shipyard, President and CEO Mathews Pothen issued a statement opposing union representation saying: “Guam Shipyard firmly believes that its employees will not benefit from joining the Union especially during these economic hard times.”

“Shipyard employees should expend their monies on their families,” said Pothen, rather than union dues.