Guam SHPO Asks Navy to Revise Programmatic Agreement


Guam – The Guam State Historic Preservation Office or SHPO has several outstanding concerns that they want to see addressed before the programmatic agreement is signed.





As you may recall the programmatic agreement outlines how DOD is to deal with the historic artifacts it impacts as a result of buildup construction. In fact DOD had to pull it’s plans to use pagat as a firing range from the record of decision because Guam SHPO Lynda Aguon has refused to sign the agreement in it’s current form. In a letter sent yesterday to Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Donald Shregardus, Aguon lists the concerns that they would like addressed before signing the agreement. For example, Aguon is requesting that the Department of the Navy host a public meeting to allow the public to provide input that may be included in the final programatic agreement prior to it’s signing. The Guam SHPO is also requesting that the plans for the re-routing of the back road to Andersen be deleted from the programmatic agreement as these plans co-inside with the pagat firing range.