Guam son wins online World Wide Dance Challenge

Kobe Hall demonstrates some of his break dancing moves. (Facebook photo)

A Guam son has won a worldwide online dance competition.

The World Wide Dance Challenge is an online competition that starts off with 1200 dancers who compete to win $5,000 and a spot in a feature film.

21-year-old Kobe Hall won the online competition.

The Barrigada resident was always looking for something new to do growing up, which led to the discovery of dance when he was 10 years old.

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“Every so often I try something new and eventually, breakdancing came in. After that, it just stuck with me. Since then, I joined the Stargazers Dance Troupe in 2013 to get better in different dance styles which I left in 2017,” Hall said.

From 2017 to the present, Hall danced inconsistently but worked to improve his break dancing skills when he had the time

Hall is an employed doorman at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was furloughed.

He won four virtual online competitions during the pandemic.

The dancer is a father of two and was looking for ways to provide for his family which led him to audition for the Worldwide Dance Challenge Competition.

He then won $5,000 and a role in a featured film.

Hall encourages upcoming dancers to stay true to themselves and also audition for season 2.

“I am looking for someone who wants to compete on the Worldwide Dance Challenge season 2. They did not ask me to do this but I am trying to extend this opportunity out to island residents so people can see what Guam has to offer,” he said.

Hall can be contacted via Instagram @kobehall.

The 21-year-old intends to make a return to the competition for season 3.

The Worldwide Dance Challenge partners with Surviving to Thriving, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women of domestic violence through lifelong sustainability.