Guam Surfers Leave For Fiji


Barrigada, Guam –  A six-person team, representing Guam’s surfing association, Guahan Napu Inc., left Guam Sunday, Dec. 1 evening via Australia for Fiji to compete at the 2013 Melanesian Surfing Cup. They will be joined by female junior surfer, Alison Bowman, in Fiji on Monday, Dec. 2. Bowman traveled through Hawaii a day earlier than the main contingent.

The Guam team was led by Willi Byerly, Guahan Napu Inc.’s president and Gregg Ikehara, vice-president.  Five countries and more than 60 participants – competitiors, judges, team coaches, volunteers – will take part in the three-day event from Dec. 6 to 8 at Fiji’s renowned surf spot, Cloudbreak.

[Photo L-R: Willi Byerly, president, Guahan Napu Inc. and team manager, Derrick Ikehara, Gregg Ikehara, vice president, Guahan Napu Inc., Shane Pier,
Aaron Taylor and Jared Brandon Gogue, checking in for their flight to Cairns, Australia on Dec. 1, enroute to Fiji. Photo courtesy of Guahan Napu, Inc.]

The Guam competitors are Shane Pier, Derrick Ikehara, Aaron Taylor who will compete in the Open Male Short Board category; Alison Bowman, who will compete in the Open Female Short Board; and male junior surfer, Jared Brandon Gogue, who will compete in the Boys Under 18 Short Board category.

The countries competing in this year’s Melanesian Cup are Fiji, Guam, New Caledonia, Samoa and Vanuatu.  The Guam team’s travel to Fiji was made possible in part with contributions from Tumon Bay Lobster and Grill, Lotus Surf Shop, Bank of Guam, Cassidy Associated Insurers Inc., Primo Surf, Fokai Industries and Da Kine.

For more information about the team’s progress at the Melanesian Cup in Fiji, follow Guahan Napu on Facebook.