Guam Symphony Society to Hold Kantan i Tao Tao Tano


Kantan i Tano-Ta concert to feature “The Music and Legends of Guam” as well as performances by Inetnon Gef Pago 

Guam – The Guam Symphony Society will be holding “Kantan I Tao Tao Tano” which means the music of the people of the land on October 17th and 18th.



The concert which will be their 49th opener will take old Chamoru church songs and Novena’s and perform them as classical orchestral music. Guam Symphony Society President Cliff Guzman says that it’s a great primer for the upcoming Festival of The Pacific Arts which is slated for May of next year. In fact the award winning Chamoru dance group Inetnon Gef Pago will be a part of the performance. Guam Symphony Society Music Director and Conductor Steve Bednarzyk says the concert will be based off of a double album set called “The Music and Legends of Guam” by Jack De Mello. Bednarzyk says De Mello actually came to Guam and was inspired to write songs like the Rhapsody on Tumon Bay. “He went through several different Chamoru songs and looked at all the words and examined the tunes very carefully and combined them in a really wonderful kind of studio Hollywood way,” said Bednarzyk.

“Fan mato papa gi Lotte hotel yon ekungok este na musica yon li’ie talo i Guam Symphony Society yan i man babaila ginen i Inetnon Gef Pago sa bunito este sa put it tano-ta yan i historian i taotao-ta. Necita na un fato papa ya un experiansa este na klasen musica yan concert. Si yu’os Ma’ase,” said Guzman in Chamoru. In English Guzman said “Please come down to the Lotte hotel and listen to the music and watch the Guam Symphony Society and the dancing of Inetnon Gef Pago because it’s a beautiful thing for our land and the history of our people. You need to come down and experience this kind of music and concert.”


Tickets are available at faith bookstore or online at Tickets are $65 dollars for the dinner show at 6pm on Saturday the 17th and $20 for the matinee showing at 3pm on Sunday the 18th.