Guam Tax Refunds Expected to Meet Deadline


The deadline has not yet passed and tax payers are reassured that refunds will arrive on time.

Guam– Residents may be wondering when tax refunds will be distributed since the Department of Revenue and Taxation has posted that they refunded “a portion of error free tax returns FILED on or before February 16, 2015.”

Some may have thought the deadline was six months from the February 16th date (which could have been believed to be August 16th).  But according to DOA Spokesman, Phil Blas, the deadline is 6 months from the date of April 15th, the last filing date.  By law, the deadline is October 15th and Blas says that he is confident that all refunds will be distributed by that time. He added that even if there was no court ordered deadline, everything would still be on track.  Blas told PNC that he wants the community to know that this is the tax payers money and not the governments.  There is no word of the next anticipated date of release just the reassurance from Blas that it will be distributed before the court ordered date of October 15th.