Guam threat level unchanged despite North Korea threats


Governor Eddie Calvo and Guam HSA George Charfauros say that they do not believe North Korea will attack Guam.

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says there has been no change to any threat level to Guam.

During a press conference held at Adelup this afternoon Governor Eddie Baza Calvo told local national and international media that it is “business as usual.” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio spoke about the sturdiness of most homes on Guam that are built to withstand super typhoon strength winds.  The lt. Governor and GVB CEO Nate Denight spoke about tourism numbers and their confidence that Guam will continue to have good tourism numbers. The bottom line of the press conference was that there is no heightened security level as a result of the threats from North Korea.

“I am very confident in our military partners our federal partners our law enforcement partners. The information that we gather and is provided to me and turned into the Governor and all the decision makers is very very accurate,” said Guam Homeland Security Advisor George Charfauros.

“His job, George, is even before Kim Jong Un made that statement, George is responsible for that interaction between the local government and I talk about civil defense. I talk about the first responders such as our police department, fire department, public health system but also with Joint Region Marianas which is also in direct contact with those that are in position of gathering information,” said Governor Calvo.

Guam Homeland Security Adviser George Charfauros reiterated previous statements that even if North Korea were to attempt to shoot missiles there is only a .000001% chance of those missiles getting through the missile defense system.