Guam to get $77M in Section 30 funds–not $68M as Adelup claimed


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has confirmed that contrary to Governor Calvo’s assertions that the amount GovGuam will be receiving in Section 30 reimbursements is $77 million.

This amount is nearly $10 million more than the $68 million the governor’s office fussed about receiving.

Adelup earlier this month announced that the budget bill passed by the legislature would be $10 million short because they had received word from the Department of Interior that Section 30 reimbursements would only be at $68 million and not the $78 million budgeted for in bill 323.

But the governor’s office was apparently mistaken as the Interior’s letter merely points out that the threshold for Section 30 reimbursements is $68 million. Adelup went as far as to blame the Legislature for the reduced amount.

How did the Interior come up with the $77 million figure? The 2019 Section 30 estimate is $78.5 million. Subtract the $68.6 million threshold, that leaves just under $10 million for Guam War Claims. But because only about $6.4 million was claimed so far in war claims, that leaves a balance of about $3.4 million carried over to 2019, making the balance about $72 million.

However, there was also an adjustment in section for years 2015, 2016 and 2017 of a combined $5 million. Add that amount to the $72 million, it gives us $77 million in Section 30 funds for next fiscal year.