Guam Tourism Boost


With tourism being Guam’s principle industry for economic support, the island is celebrating a rise in numbers.

Guam Visitors Bureau Research Department confirmed that May 2015 has closed out to be the 6th best May In the history of tourism.  GVB reported that nearly 100,000 visitors came to Guam. The  The number of visitors from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Canada, and the U.S. mainland have all increased. Japan is the island’s largest market for tourism and 50 percent of the Japanese Tourists came from Tokyo.  Korea is Guam’s second largest market and reflected a 26 percent boost. Recently the cruise ship, Sun Princess, arrived on the last day of May, bringing nearly 2,000 visitors to Guam.  GVB states that this is a benefit for Guam in the long run as it will provide more opportunities for the economy in regards to jobs for locals.  



See below for the Guam Visitor’s Bureau Press Release:


Visitor arrivals soar in month of May 

NOTE: The following is a joint release from Governor Calvo and the Guam Visitors Bureau.


“I am absolutely thrilled that tourism arrivals continue to break records. Japan has always been our number one visitor market and it’s great to see positive growth documented in May 2015. A lot of hard work and time have gone into nurturing our tourism industry and the relationship we have with our top visitor market. I want to congratulate GVB and its industry partners for continuing to grow and diversify our visitor markets.”


 – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo



Japan market shows growth


The Guam Visitors Bureau Research Department confirmed that May 2015 is the sixth best May in the history of tourism, with 96,873 visitors.


Additionally, GVB’s preliminary May 2015 report also noted that Japan arrival numbers are up, with the Japan market recording a 1.3% increase. Kanto (Tokyo) arrivals have also risen by 4.3%. GVB has spent a lot time advertising and marketing the island in the Tokyo region, which makes up for 50% of Japan arrivals to Guam.


“We are constantly working with our industry partners to aggressively market and promote our island paradise,“ said GVB General Manager Nathan Denight. “Visitor arrivals in the various source markets continue diversifying and growing in line with the Tourism 2020 plan. This means we have more opportunities to create more additional jobs for our people, share our unique Chamorro culture and grow a healthy and robust economy.”


Korea arrivals shine in May 2015


Korea is Guam’s second largest market. It has had an amazing growth trend with arrivals to the island. May 2015 is now ranked as the fourth top month for Guam’s Korea arrivals, with a 26.5% boost. Out of the top 10 months for Korea arrivals, half of them were recorded in 2015. The top ranked month is January 2015 with 38,845 visitors. With T’Way Air and Air Busan adding more direct flight service in July, arrivals from Korea are expected to increase this summer.


Summary of arrivals


In May 2015, Guam welcomed 96,873 visitors, which is a 6.9% increase when compared to the previous year. Total Fiscal Year-to-Date arrivals are also up 1.9% and Calendar Year-to-Date arrivals have gone up by 2.7%.


Japan arrivals are up by 1.3%, followed by Korea with a 26.5% increase. Arrivals from The People’s Republic of China also grew 40.9%. A notable 146.7% has been recorded for Shanghai, with direct flights bringing even more visitors to Guam.


Other visitor markets also recorded more diversification and growth. Vietnam rose 471.4% and Thailand increased by 15.8%. Additional markets that showed growth include Canada by 32% and the U.S. mainland by 8%. 


It also should be noted that Civilian Sea Arrivals increased by 6571.9% when compared to the previous year. The cruise ship, the Sun Princess, arrived on May 31, bringing nearly 2,000 passengers to Guam.




*The preliminary May 2015 report, top 10 May arrivals chart and Guam’s top 10 Korea arrivals chart are attached for your reference and use.



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