Guam Transportation Program Kicks Off Third Training Cycle


Guam –  The Department of Public Works (DPW) through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was awarded an On-the-Job Training & Support Services (OJT/SS) grant for Fiscal Year 2009 in the amount of $900,000.

The program is funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) The Guam Transportation Group will hold its third OJTSS participant orientation on October 13-14, 2010 at the Guam Trades Academy. A total of 84 individuals have applied for the training cycle.

The orientation will provide an overview of the program and what the participants can expect.

The Guam Transportation Training Program is designed to provide training opportunities for under served, unemployed and underemployed individuals in highway construction and other transportation related services. The program includes classroom training from GCA Trades Academy (GCA) and Guam Community College (GCC), as well as other training providers.

“The Department of Public Works and the Federal Highways Administration is proud to be able to provide these services to our people.” said Andy Leon Guerrero, Director of the Department of Public Works, “This is an excellent example of the local and federal governments partnering with private
construction and transportation companies to build the capacity needed to meet the labor challenges in the coming years, as well as build our local workforce.”

The Guam Transportation Training Program is administered by the DPW and funded through an ARRA Grant for On-the-Job Training & Support Services (OJT/SS) from the Federal Highway Administration.

Information on the program and applications are available at various referral centers including the Department of Public Health and Social Services, The Guam Community College, Guam Contractors Association, GCA Trades Academy, The Guam Veterans and Village Mayors offices, and the Galaide

All qualified individuals are encouraged to complete an application to enter the program.