Guam Tropical Energy Code Stakeholders Met to Review and Redraft Code


GTEC stakeholders met to review changes that were suggested at the GTEC conference in March as well as feedback from Guam homeowners. 

Guam – Various engineers, architects, businessmen, contractors, and government officials met to review changes made to the 2014 Guam tropical energy code, which aims to educate people on how to make buildings more energy-efficient.

 Chairman of the Guam building code council, Brent Weise spoke to PNC and he says the code is an effort from the energy industry to move forward, and not about special interest groups trying to make a profit.

 Weise says that the energy code is about reducing energy costs and making buildings more efficient. At the conference, Weise presented the changes to the code to stakeholders, while Bill Miller, a co- creator of the energy code, handled the specific mechanical questions. Weise says the code specifically applies to new buildings and/or residential homes.

 “It’s everybody doing new constructions or new renovations, so, it’s not a retroactive code. You have a home, your not making any changes, were not saying hey you have to go back and do this.  But if your building a new home, then we want these things implemented, so you will be using less energy, and what happens is were showing by model that you’ll spend more upfront but you’ll save money in the end. So it pays itself within the five years,” said Weise about one of the Energy Codes stipulations.

  You can read the tropical energy code draft attached to the story.