Guam Unique Merchandise and Arts to hold webinar on digital marketing


An organization wants to continue its mission to aid small, local businesses by strengthening its online presence.

Due to the pandemic, almost every brand and business had to adapt or reposition to some form of digital format.

Our new norm of work and shopping habits have mostly shifted online. Many small businesses and start-ups have embraced this type of marketing and used it to engage with their customers.

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The Guam Unique Merchandise and Arts (GUMA) established in late 2013 by the Galaide Group and DFS Guam is a program that provides business training and incubator support to local artists and cultural producers.

This month, GUMA will be hosting a webinar called Bende Merch for local artists, makers, and creatives to help navigate, understand, and react to the new digital landscape.

Darlene Sanchez, GUMA project coordinator, went on air with Newstalk K57’s Pauly Suba and says that the free webinar’s focus will be on social media and e-commerce.

“How are we going to help these people, these people with no tourism, with no markets or fairs going on anymore? How are the entrepreneurs and the creatives, how are they going to stay afloat? So how about we train them in social media?” Sanchez said.

She added: “We’re actually working with a lot of good people to help us. People that have succeeded in e-commerce, people who have succeeded in social media and that leads us into doing the Bende Merch webinar on June 30th in light of Social Media Day.”

Sanchez also mentioned that some of the individuals who will be featured in the webinar got their start through GUMA.

They also hope that through this webinar, they will gain more aspiring entrepreneurs to join GUMA so they can help them get started in their respective enterprises.

“And so when we’re putting this thing together, it was so nice to see the people who GUMA has supported. They’re so fast to turn it around and help us support other artists, other entrepreneurs,” Sanchez said.

She added: “We’re looking for people who are artists, creatives, and other small local businesses that have been affected by the pandemic. We’re looking for people that might want to start something but don’t have the mindset to do so yet. We’re looking for people that already had a presence but need a little, I guess, a little bit more seasoning on what they are already doing.”

GUMA’s Bende Merch Webinar will be on June 30th from 9 am to 1 pm.

The webinar will feature local social media influencers and e-commerce panelists to help guide brands’ online presence and advise on growing their business with e-commerce.

The people that will be featured in the webinar include local artists and entrepreneurs such as Norman Analista of Analista & Co., Opake, Mamachar, Blue Latitude, Maisa, Love Club, and Good to Go.

Check out their social media handles, GUMA Guam, and on their website for more information.

Direct links to the webinar will also be posted on their website and Facebook