Guam Vein Institute Opens Doors to Treat Multitude of Venous Conditions


The Guam Vein Institute is now open for consultations. You can call their office at 647-VEIN.

Guam – Patients who have vein problems or would like to know what might be causing their leg pain now have the ability to seek treatment on island. A new vein management clinic has opened up here on island.

In his 20 years of practice on Guam, Dr. Nathaniel Berg says Guam residents have little to no options when it came to venous disease management. Dr. Berg is a radiologist and the medical director of Guam Radiology Clinic.

“During my 20 years of practice here on Guam, the focus that we’ve had on diseases of the legs for us as interventional radiologists has been on the disease, the arteries. As many people may be aware, you can get clogged arteries in the legs just like you can get them in the heart and we would end up treating them and sometimes find that there are still wounds or there’s still swelling or there are large veins,” explains Dr. Berg.


With an increase in patients presenting with venous disease and with little to offer, Dr. Berg decided it was time to bring the medical technology to Guam to help the thousands of people who could benefit from proper treatment of their disease. Dr. Berg sought the help of Dr. Bruce Hoyle, a vein specialist who had a thriving practice in California. The two then formed a partnership and brought Dr. Hoyle’s expertise out to Guam, complete with all the latest state of the art equipment to treat venous disease.

“We actually had to bring in all new equipment because no one really had all the latest equipment that Dr. Hoyle had mentioned and that includes brand new top of the line lasers, top of the line, even things called vein finders that help us to find the little tiny veins that you can’t see,” says Dr. Berg.


And since coming to Guam just a few days ago, Dr. Hoyle says he’s been pretty busy.

“I was shocked that they were able to bring in that many patients on such short notice which leads me to believe there’s a large burden of venous disease in the community. Some of these patietns had large leg ulcers, immensely swollen legs, trouble walking. I was very surprised,” says Dr. Hoyle.


Dr. Hoyle says there’s a misconception about venous disease within the medical community. Often times, treatment of vein problems is dismissed as a cosmetic issue, or a problem that can’t really be treated.

“As doctors in medical school, we get virtually no tranining, maybe a one hour lecture about venous disease and that’s usually related to blood clots. So we have very little experience in medical school,” Dr. Hoyle explains. “So they typically tell their patients there’s nothing they can do for them or just wear compression hose. So there’s a lot of misconception and they think that it’s cosmetic, which a very small part of venous disease is cosmetic. The majority of venous disease is in fact medical and has a large burden of costs treating leg ulcers, blood clots in the legs, and various disorders like that.”

To learn more about the Guam Vein Institute, you can visit their website at or call their office at 647-VEIN.