Guam Veterans Affairs Office looking for volunteers

Guam Veterans Affairs director Fred Bordallo said he is confident about the commissaries' system of logistics because they have a high-tech IT system which determines the bestselling items and orders them ahead to keep them in stock.

As part of an effort to bolster services and reduce costs, the Guam Veterans Affairs Office has established a volunteer program for those interested to serve those who served us.

According to VAO Director Fred Bordallo Jr., the Veterans Affairs Auxiliary Force Program is an opportunity for veterans to do one year of volunteer service for the office.

Since its establishment, the program has accepted three volunteers who have helped with security, transportation, and program coordination.

As of now, Bordallo says that the Veterans Affairs Office is asking lawmakers to introduce legislation that could reimburse the volunteers for equipment costs, adding that this program is a good opportunity for veterans and interested individuals to serve their community.

“Everyone’s looking at how you can really maximize the benefits of having auxiliary workers or volunteers. These veterans – every time we hear from them or the ones we expect to recruit from the program – the more they do the kind of job they wanna do with us…That time is gonna be on their resume and on their portfolio, so when they’re applying for another job, people will know that they served with the Veteran’s Affairs Office,” Bordallo said.

The volunteer program has a preference for military veterans and is operating on a first come, first served basis.