Guam Veterinarian Accuses Board of Health Examiners of Defaming Him


Guam – During an oversight hearing Tuesday afternoon Veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph accused the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners [GBAHE] of defaming him.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. who, Chairs the legislature’s Health Committee, called the oversight hearing to examine complaints made against the Board and its members.

The owner of the Wise Owl Animal Care Hospital has been the most vocal critic of the Board. He alleged that the GBAHE has not applied its rules fairly and that they have brought bogus and unsubstantiated complaints against him. And for the past 5 years Dr. Joseph claims that the Board has tried to revoke his license.

For example, Dr. Joseph said one charge brought against him was for violating restrictions on prescribing a controlled drug. He told the oversight committee that he was accused of selling and distributing a rabies vaccine. But he said “the problem is, the rabies vaccine is not a controlled drug.”

Dr. Joseph says the Board conducted an investigation into allegations against him without contacting him or his lawyer to come and address the complaints. “how can you do an investigation if you don’t talk to the people involved,” he asked.