Guam Vice Speaker & CNMI Rep Discuss Alliance on Shark Finning Ban


Guam –  Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz and CNMI House Minority Leader Representative Diego Benavente met this morning [Wednesday] to discuss issues of local concern including CNMI H.J.R. 17-1 relative to establishing an alliance between the CNMI and Guam Legislature and a shark finning ban.

Vice Speaker Cruz plans on introducing legislation to ban shark finning locally.

This legislative effort began when Hawaii State Senator Clayton Hee lobbied the CNMI and Guam legislatures to introduce shark finning prohibitions. Representative Benavente introduced HB 17-94 relative to the prohibition of shark fins in the CNMI. The Hawaii and CNMI bills have become law.

With the introduction of a shark finning ban on Guam, the legislatures of the state of Hawaii, CNMI, and Guam have joined together in a mutual effort to preserve the natural resources in the Pacific Ocean for generations to come.