Guam visitors staying shorter, but spending more


Visitors to the island are staying shorter but spending more, the Guam Visitors Bureau reported.

According to GVB, its third quarter visitor profile report for fiscal year 2019, showed that per person on-island expenditures from April through June 2019 showed a weighted average increase of 50.2 percent over the same period in the previous year.

The total weighted on-island expenditures grew from $393.41 to $591.04 per person in the third quarter, with significant increases in visitor expenditures coming from Korea (+131.1%), Philippines (+51.4%) and Taiwan (+43.9%).

The third quarter visitor profile also showed a shorter length of stay across all markets with a -25.7 percent decrease over 2018.

GVB specifically noted Korean visitors average length of stay which went from 7 days to about 5 days as the Philippines average stay was shortened by a full day.

According to GVB’s research division, the shorter length of stay could be attributed to the shifts from “repeat visitors” to “first-timers” for 2019. The third quarter Korea exit survey report showed an increase of 14% in “first-timers” over the same period in 2018, with Japan (+7%), Taiwan (+12%) and the Philippines (+3%) all showing the same positive shift to first-timers as well.