Guam Voters Have Final Word


Guam – It’s election day and all the candidates from both parties are bracing for a long night ahead, waiting for the final results of all the votes that were cast. But the people of Guam always have the final word.


For over 15 months both the Gubernatorial and senatorial candidates have been campaigning through out the island. Each candidate working hard trying to get as many votes as they can to win. Now members from both parties will watch TV and wait to see the final results as they come in.  But it all comes down to the voters and what they think

Some people feel it is their duty to vote while others do it because they hope that politians will be able to help them and improve their lives.

Another person says regardless of the military build up it is important for all us to vote every year.

Inaddition every voters PNC interviewed says they will support the winners and who ever wins the Gubernatorial and Senatorial races.

Now all the candidates have to do is wait to see if their hard work paid off.