Guam welcomes 26 new US citizens at District Court in-person ceremony

District Court of Guam naturalization ceremony (PNC file photo)

The District Court of Guam welcomed a new batch of U.S. citizens this week.

Julie San Nicolas, originally from Singapore, was among the 26 individuals who were grateful to have been granted U.S. citizenship.

“This is an incredible journey and and I can hardly wait for my next chapter,” San Nicolas said.

She added: “It was a beautiful ceremony. Even if we have the pandemic, it’s very meaningful and I’m very grateful.”

With March commemorated as Women’s History Month, it was only fitting to have Stephanie Lorenzo, Speaker of the 33rd Guam Youth Congress, to be the keynote speaker at the event.

Lorenzo is also the first female Youth Congress Speaker since Senator Joanne Brown 40 years ago.

“I was actually telling my parents that the fact that I was asked to speak on Women’s History Month, I was like, wow, this such an honor! The American dream can be different for everyone. My American dream is to be a social worker, our newly 26 new citizens, their dreams can be completely different. They may want to pursue an education, some of them may want to start a family, own a business,” Lorenzo said.

She added: “As American citizens, our country is a big melting pot, we have Chinatown, we have so many ethnicities, citizens that come and they make America their home and I love how either on Guam or in the U.S., we appreciate those differences, we appreciate their kind of cultural background.”

The in-person naturalization ceremony welcomed new citizens who originally hailed from Burma, Palau, the Philippines, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.