Guam Women’s Chamber Gubernatorial Debate Held Without Calvo/Tenorio Team


Debate Turned Into Forum Featuring Gutierrez/Gumataotao Team

Guam – The Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce debate was held last night as scheduled but instead it turned into a forum featuring Carl Gutierrez and Gary Gumataotao.



 The Calvo/Tenorio team was a no show but to be fair they declined the invitation to show up weeks ago. The organizers were still disappointed as they say they tried hard to set up a very unscripted debate that would’ve required both teams to think on their feet. They even left a chair open just in case the Calvo/Tenorio team decided to show up. The Calvo/Tenorio team has cited scheduling conflicts as their reasons for declining to participate in the Women’s Chamber of Commerce Debate.


  1. In this busy season of elections and debates, we at the Oasis Empowerment Center are so appreciative that both the Governor and the Lt Governor came to support our WALK IN MY SLIPPERS event working to Stomp out Domestic Violence. This governor has been so personally engaged in really being a champion for victims recovery. Please dont think he was avoiding the challenge to debate issues with Gutierrez. He was busy working to make a difference. Talk is just noise but the Calvo administration has been making more strides to make a difference in the lives of victims than any previous administration.

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