Guam workers earn less than workers in other states


Guam – You don’t need a statistician to tell you that Guam workers don’t make as much as their mainland counterparts.

New data provided by the U.S Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor and Statistics show that workers in Guam had an average (mean) hourly wage of $17.57 in May 2018, about 30 percent below the nationwide average of $24.98.

The compensation doesn’t compete even in thriving industries such as construction. According to BLS, Guam’s average hourly pay for the construction industry is $15.21. This is below the national wage rate of $24.62.

Some of the highlights of the BLS data:

  • Legal occupations in the area were highest paid at $35.18/hr, followed by management occupations at $33.60/hr;
  • Construction and extraction occupations accounted for 6.7 percent of local employment, compared to 4.1 percent nationally;
  • Office and administrative support occupations accounted for the largest share of local employment at 18.0 percent.

These statistics are from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey, under the Guam Department of Labor. View the survey at