Guam Youth Congress Tours Youth Correctional Facility


Guam – This past Saturday, members of the Guam Youth Congress toured the Youth Correctional Facility in Mangilao.

The tour helped them gain a better understanding of youth corrections operations and operational needs of the facility. 

All eight young adults of the Guam Youth Congress were intensely engaged about the concerns of staffing and the well being of the clients held at the facility, which has left a lasting impression on the employees and clients of DYA.

This intensiveness will undoubtedly be a fantastic gain to the island of Guam in the near future. Conceivably, our next Mayor, Senator, Congressman/woman, or Governor have gained an experience beneficial to their future endeavors.

[Lawrence Jay Alcairo, Torian Avery Styles, Derrick B. Hills, Josephina M. Machuo, Cheysser C. Rodriguez, Julie Marie Wusstig Jasmin, Norman James III, and Anthony Alberto Lamorena II]