Guam AG joins national campaign against streaming services depicting smoking


Have you caught your child lighting up a cigarette? If so, was your child pressured into doing so after watching something on TV or on the internet? Well, that is the conclusion many attorneys general have come to, realizing that children are impressionable and often emulate what they see on TV or streamed videos.

A total of 43 AGs across the U.S. have banded together to snuff out smoking and vaping in the streaming video industry which is popular among young viewers.

Attorney General Leevin Camacho said that after the master settlement agreement with tobacco, they realized that the reason a lot of young people are smoking is because they imitate what they see in movies and TV.

“And a lot of major movie studios have entered into agreements where they are not going to show smoking or depict tobacco products for certain types of ratings,” Camacho said.

He added that when the tobacco master settlement agreement was drafted, it did not take into account streamed video content and this is where the gap lies in the protections for younger viewers.

“So the letter is designed to say for those like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix … be mindful of that and the impacts when it comes to smoking and tobacco products,” Camacho said.

Camacho says 43 bipartisan AGs across the U.S. have signed on saying in unison, warning “you should not be showing any tobacco products for original content rated PG-13 and below.”


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Jolene Toves
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