Guampedia Announces New Section: “Chamorro Quest for Self-Determination”


Guam – The Guampedia Foundation has anounced a new section on Chamorro Quest for Self-Determination.  

Funded by Gannett Foundation and the Guam Preservation Trust, this section features more than 25 new entries on the history of governance on Guam from 1898 to the present and the issues surrounding the Chamorro quest for self-determination. Ecopies of actual documents from these efforts are included.

Newly e-published historic documents and photographs are also available for viewing and research. 


Some of the entries:

• Drive for Civil Rights and US Citizenship (1898-1950)
• US Naval Governors:  Contributions and Controversies
• Land Ownership Issues on Guam
• History of Language Policies and the Role of Education
• Organic Act of Guam
• Elective Governor and Congressional Representative Acts
• Guam’s Constitutional Conventions (ConCon)
• History of Efforts to Reunify the Mariana Islands
• Organization of People for Indigenous Rights OPI-R
• Angel L. G. Santos  and Nasion Chamoru
• Commission on Self-Determination
• Commission on Decolonization
• Guam Commonwealth Act
• Decolonization Registry, Chamorro Registry
• We Are Guahån
• Video clips of the film Let Freedom Ring:  The Chamorro