Guampedia Gets Grants to Support Projects Recognizing Women and Island Historic Sites


Guam- Guam’s online encyclopedia,, will be working on two historic projects in the next several months.

Managing Director Rita Nauta says thanks to grant awards from the Guam Preservation Trust and the Guam Women’s Club, they will be profiling 25 women in Guam’s history that have impacted the island. With not many women documented in the past, she mentions a team of scholars and experts are ranking 100 of Guam’s top influential women. The first 25 will be featured in March 2012, but she hopes to feature more women online and on film once they obtain more grant support.

“Considering that we are a matrilineal society, we didn’t really have that many profiles of some of the women” said Nauta. “So that’s what prompted this project and we decided that we would start with women that already passed on and that at this point of time with this particular grant, we can actually do 25 entries or profiles of these women.”

Another project Guampedia is also working on for next year is on Guam’s historic sites. Nauta says they were just awarded funding from the Council of the Arts and Humanities Agency (CAHA) on the documentation and preservation of several areas around the island. She also says there is pre-production for a 30 minute film.

“For this grant project we are going to focus on the Naval Station/ Naval Magazine area…to document them but as well provide written entries that people can read more extensively about the sites” added Nauta.

She also says they hope to reach out to more students to know more about Guam’s extensive history.

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