Guam’s All Hazards Warning System Should Be Installed By Next Year


Guam – For nearly three years,  Guam’s all hazards warning system sirens, designed to warn the public of many potential disasters remained in their boxes due to a procurement protest. 

Homeland Security Advisor Frank T. Ishizaki says, today the Attorney General announced that there was a settlement between the manufacturer of the all hazards warning system and GovGuam.  GovGuam now owns the system.

Ishizaki says, “We own 15 all Hazards systems sirens and now we have to move forward and find a way to get them installed. We fully intend to invite all our stakeholders to make sure that the plans that were established before, are still valid and to make sure we prepare the right bid specifications for construction.”

According to Ishizaki, It’s taken them three years to get to this point. Now the agency is looking forward to install the 15 sirens.  But before that happens, they need to review and validate all the potential locations throughout the island.  They also need to go through a procurement process to find a bidder to install these sirens. Ishizaki says it may take two to three months before this e bidding process is complete.  

Ishizaki anticipates that the 15 sirens will be installed island wide sometime in 2011.