Guam’s Cannabis Industry hits new strides, with new application approvals for responsible official ID cards.


The 9 applications approved included multiple retailers, a one type cultivator and one for a testing laboratory.

Dafne Shimizu, Vice Chairwoman of the CCB and Department of Revenue and Taxation Director said that “We’re very excited about this one actually, we’re excited of course because we are getting more applications but in particular one thing we have been advising , we have been advising all of our applicants that there are no existing lab at this time, so we’re happy that we finally seeing an application for a testing laboratory”

Moreover, according to Dafne Shimizu, “It does not matter what kind of business and activity these applicants are pursuing, all products must be tested before being sold to the public”

The applicants, who were approved yesterday, complied with the rules and regulations as well as providing proper documentation and other requirements needed in order for the compliance branch to recommend their application to the CCB for further review.

The next step is to apply for a cannabis establishment license and although the application form for the license is pending, the Attorney General’s office has provided feedback to DRT and they have, in return, submitted updated drafts which are now under review according to Carlina Charforous , the AG’s Public Information Officer.

Shimizu has assured the board and the community that within 5 business days, CCB’s compliance branch will be providing the applicants cannabis identification cards as soon as possible.

As PNC previously reported, if you are interested in pursuing this industry , there are 6 easy ways to obtain your cannabis business license.

The first thing you do is to ensure your organizational documents actually name a responsible official, second would be to get your administrative license as well obtaining the application for the responsible official cannabis identification card.

The fourth step is to apply for the cannabis establishment license. The term license is actually indicated in the law, in the rules and regs but that’s not your actual business license, clarified Dafne Shimizu.

The next step is the application for the permit to operate and once the final step is approved, the administrative license will then be terminated.

Althea Engman, PNC News

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