Guam’s Community Comes Together in Full Support for Joe G


Guam’s community came together in full support for Joe G who recently was involved in a multi-vehicle collision.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

Last weekend, PNC reported that the Guam Fire Department units responded to a 2-car motor vehicle crash with serious injuries in front of Oka Payless at around 2 am.

One patient, who was another operator, was unconscious and unresponsive and then transported to the Guam Memorial Hospital.

The Patient was later identified as Joe Gamboa, who was visiting Guam from the San Francisco Bay area.

Joe immediately underwent craniotomy surgery and has six broken/fractured ribs and collarbone.

According to Roy Gamboa, Joe’s brother, Joe is still in critical condition and in the ICU and continuing to fight for his life and added that no operations can take place until his blood pressure and his heart rate is under control.

And during these trying times, his family and the community have come together to help and show support for a full recovery.

One of his best friends who helped organize the events, Dominique Rose Felix has said that the support from the community has been overwhelming in a good way but not surprising because our island radiates the Hafa Adai spirit, and Joe exudes that as well.

Roy Gamboa, Joe’s brother stated, “Joe has touched many people’s lives from our upbringing and our parents teaching us to care for those who are around us and joe took that to the next level.”

Last week, a GoFund Me page was started to help pay for Joe Gamboa’s medical bills which have now earned about $57,000.

Along with the GoFund Me page, family and friends have set up fundraising events at local restaurants and food trucks.

Last Thursday, Applebees held a dine and take out donate event where customers were able to give 10% of their meal purchase to benefit Joe G.

According to Ben Schiff, one of his best friends, there is no current goal they are trying to reach when it comes to donations and fundraising.

Ben Schiff, family friend stated, “No family can ever prepare for this type of situation so we are going to continue doing fundraisers because he has a long road to recovery after these initial medical costs, so we just thank the community for the continued support and everybody reaching out who want to create a fundraiser themselves.”

There will be upcoming fundraisers this week and next week for those who want to participate.

Dominique Rose Felix, family friend

The future fundraisers that we have going on, some are pending but two have been confirmed with Applebees for games 5 and 6 so tomorrow come out for game 5 and the fundraiser will be from 11 am to 5 pm and something for this Friday 11 am to 5 pm for game 6.”

Ben Schiff, a family friend stated, “We do have a food plate fundraiser this Wednesday as well as next week Wednesday sponsored by cant hardly wait you can place an order through their Instagram page.”

You can reach out to them on social media if you are interested in partnering up with them for any fundraisers or have any questions.

Moreover During the interview with PNC, Dominique, Ben, and Roy had this message to say to the public.

Ben Schiff, a family friend stated, “Recently we’ve seen many more severe car accidents and I just gotta say slow down Guam, nothing is that important to put your life or life of your family and friends in danger.”

Roy Gamboa, Joe’s brother stated, “No one ever wants to lose a loved one or go through this type of situation where they are watching their loved ones fight for their lives so take your time. if it’s not crazy and you don’t have to be there just take your time to get there, it doesn’t matter how long as long as you get there safely and keep everybody happy.”

Dominique Rose Felix, a family friend stated, “For those of you who are struggling or experiencing the same experiences that we are as a family behind joe, reach out to your community. reach out to your local vendor’s joe is all about supporting locals so we do thank invite and ask anyone who wants to participate or even who wants to see a message.”

Joe’s brother encourages the community to send messages to Joe so that when he wakes he will see all the love and support the community has given.

Althea Engman
PNC News First