Guam’s Department of Labor receives $185M from feds, preparing for next batch

GDOL PUA processing center (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Labor has received the next allotment of funding from the federal government to continue paying out unemployment claims on Island.

David Dell’Isola, the department’s Director, told PNC News that the $185 million from USDOL was received Monday night, and they’ll be working with their stateside vendor Tuesday to get the next batch ready.

Dell’Isola said they won’t know the exact amount of the next batch until Wednesday, after the vendor calculates how many clean claims will be paid out. Money is expected to hit bank accounts by early next week.

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“So we will be preparing and calculating and clearing the days that we can do a batch for tonight. So, tonight I’m going to send a notice to the vendor saying please batch x amount of days and hopefully tomorrow morning they will give me the dollar totals for the batch that we’ve cleared that will be processed for payments,” said Dell’Isola.

“We’re adding one more new one [fraud measure]…hopefully it’ll be ready for tonight’s batch and that will do the extra scrubbing for the claims of the days that we pick.”

If you’ve just been furloughed or reduced again under PCOR 1, you won’t be able to input your affected time online until next Sunday August 23, when the work week is over, according to Dell’Isola.

The FPUC $600 top-up has already expired and people now receiving their weekly certifications are only getting their qualifying portion of the $345 PUA payment.