Guam’s DOE Gets An Additional $24M Of ARRA Funds


Guam – The Department of Education just got word that an additional $24 millions dollars of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds that will be made available to Guam’s DOE from the U.S. DOE. 


Tuesday morning the U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that a little over $24 million is now available. DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood says this is great news as GDOE enters the second phase of the ARRA grant that they applied for earlier this year.

Underwood says, “This is that phase of the stabilization fund that will allow us to purchase lap tops for our high school students as well as getting more technology into the class room and to follow through the funding of the third party fiduciary agent.”

Underwood anticipates that these funds will be made available within the next two weeks.
How much ARRA funds did GDOE receive?

Underwood says, “GDOE is entitled to $75 million dollars from the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, but in addition to that we were awarded $12 million dollars just for the Consolidated ARRA Funds so that gives us a total of $87 million dollars.”

In additional to the ARRA Funds, what other funds have  been awarded to DOE?

Underwood says, “The 2009 Consolidated Grant will give GDOE $23 million and the Special Education Funds for Part B and Part C, which includes students from pre school to 12th grade. That will be an addition $15 to $16 million dollars. But both sources won’t be available until the third party is up and running.”

Also earlier this month, Guam also received $20 million for the Job Funds, which is  federal money to support education jobs, but that won’t be available until the 2011 school year.

The third party fiduciary agent, Alvarez and Marsal currently have two employees on island and another three are expected to arrive sometime next week to get the system going.

Underwood says the third party is establishing their financial services and getting their accountants in place to handle US DOE’s funds.