Guam’s first plant-based festival


Micronesia Climate Change Alliance, in collaboration with AltrXEgo Entertainment and Fuuna Cultures, will host Guam’s very first plant-based festival.

The festival aims to offer more information about a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle and highlight vegan resources available on Guam. Additionally, the festival will feature 18 businesses and organizations in Guam in wellness, sustainability, animal rights, food, and entertainment.

According to Michelle Voacolo, MCCA’s executive director, the environmental organization hopes to raise awareness through the festival regarding how the creation, distribution, and consumption of animal products affect the environment.

Founder of Numa’lo Refillery, Jasmine Flores Cantrell, echoed Voacolo’s sentiment, saying that animal agriculture has a devastating socio-economic impact.

“I think often, when we sit down with a plate of food in front of our face, we don’t take the time to acknowledge the energy and the work to get it in front of us and receive this abundance—and just remembering how all the benefits of how going plant-based does to our bodies, for animals, and for the world, and communities—a lot of communities suffer that live next to livestock farms in terms of air pollution and water. So just remembering that what I put into my mouth with a simple scoop of a fork really affects so many people,” Cantrell said.

Michelle and Jasmine, who are both vegans, say that they hope to dispel the harmful misconception that vegans are judgemental. Both Voacolo and Cantrell wish to be compassionate and support individuals interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

Michelle added that she hopes to show Guam’s community that a plant-based lifestyle can be affordable and accessible through local resources such as Guahan Sustainable and the farmers market.

“I would want people to leave the festival feeling like plant-based is doable for them— even if it is only incorporated a couple of times a week and not feeling like its overwhelming—and not feeling like lost or how do I get started. I think for me it was a lot of different seeds being planted by different people— and then one day, it just kind of clicked and I changed my diet, and so I think that’s what the festival is about … just planting seeds and getting people to see that it’s doable and there’s a community and resources and different people you can get in touch with when you’re looking to make the switch,” Voacolo said.

The plant-based festival will take place July 30th, from 6-11 pm, at Oka Park N Play in Tamuning. Tickets are available for purchase for $5 at I’m Into Something Good or at the door of the festival. For more information, contact