Guam’s Hawaiian Rock Gets $75 Million DoD Paving Contract


Guam – NAVFAC Marianas has awarded Hawaiian Rock Products in Mangilao a $75-million dollar paving contract from the Department of Defense.

In addition, NAVFAC Marianas chose 2 other Guam based firms amongst a total of 7, all of whom will split a $30 million dollar DoD “general construction” contract for work on island and in “outlying areas” of the Pacific..

NAVFAC Public Information Officer Catherine Cruz Norton told PNC News the funds are not directly related to the military buildup, but were part of long planed military construction projects.

1. Hawaiian Rock Contract:

According to the website, the Hawaiian Rock contract involves paving at government shore-based facilities here on Guam.

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Specifically, the contract calls for “the construction, alteration, repair, and/or maintenance of asphalt concrete roads, streets, highways, alleys, parking areas, and their associated facility, such as but not limited to concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, guardrails, U-ditch, drainage pipe, traffic striping, pavement marking, and related work.”

The job is supposed to be completed by June 2014. Hawaiian Rock was one of  4 competing bidders.

2. General Construction Contract:

The 2 Guam companies chosen by NAVFAC Marianas for this contract are:

* SD, JV*, Dededo, Guam (N40192-11-D-2820)

SD JV is being awarded task order 0001 at $98,800 for the repair of the outdoor deck at building 295, Top of the Mar, Nimitz Hill, Guam.  Work for this task order is expected to be completed by October 2011.

* M-80 Systems, Inc.*, Barrigada, Guam (N40192-11-D-2824)


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The other 5 companies that will share in this $30 million dollar job are:

* Glen/Mar Construction, Inc.*, Clackamas, Ore. (N40192-11-D-2821)

* Legion Construction, Inc.*, Chelmsford, Mass. (N40192-11-D-2822)

* LM2 Construction Co., Inc.*, Anaheim, Calif. (N40192-11-D-2823)

* Starlight-Shintani-Greenwave, JV*, Honolulu, Hawaii (N40192-11-D-2825)

* United Systems Servicing America, Inc.*, Oxnard, Calif. (N40192-11-D-2826)

The term of the contract is not-to-exceed 36 months, with an expected completion date of Jun. 2014. 

The above companies were chosen from amongst 11 proposals received.