Guam’s new outdoor cinema Oka Park N Play starts tonight


Moviegoers can now safely watch movies from the comfort of their vehicles, thanks to Guam’s new outdoor cinema, Oka Park N Play.

Now that social gathering restrictions have slowly begun to be lifted, people have the option to watch new films at Guam’s local movie theaters.

However, with many individuals remaining hesitant about going to the movies physically, AltrxEgo, Entertainment aims to offer an alternative way for Guam’s community to watch movies with Oka Park N Play.

Oka Park N play is Guam’s first outdoor event center that is entirely family and pet-friendly.

This summer, Oka Park N Play will be hosting movie showings every Thursday through Sunday for three months. According to Ben Shiff, the CEO of AltrxEgo, pet owners can also enjoy watching movies with their furry friends and get their dogs micro-chipped during a film showing, thanks to Wise Owl.

When asked about how the outdoor cinema works, Schiff explained that moviegoers could safely enjoy screenings of their favorite movies in the comfort of their vehicles. Each car requires one movie ticket, with a max based on seatbelt count.

“Oka Park N Play is Guam’s very first pet-friendly event center— and we’re doing big-screen showings every Thursday through Sunday. We’re gonna have two showings a night— one starting at 6:30 pm and the second one starting at 9 pm. The first one is gonna be a family-friendly film, and the second one will be a little bit more adult— still family-friendly, but it probably won’t be animated,” Schiff said.

Apart from the outdoor cinema, Schiff expressed AltrxEgo’s passion for lending this event center to helping local non-profit organizations and artists. For example, with May being mental health awareness month, AltrxEgo will be screening two videos centered around the importance of mental health during selected movie showing dates, throughout the month of May.

“We are having two mental health awareness videos that we are showing this month. One of them is tonight, at 6:30 pm, you can see the movie title listing on It’s a super funny movie and everyone’s gonna love it. The second mental awareness video showing is gonna be on May 29th. I’d like to thank Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center for reaching out to me this month and trying to include me in their light festival, which we are trying to plan now,” Schiff said.

He added that AltrxEgo plans to host more community events at the outdoor center in the future and says that the space is available for rent to those interested in hosting private events, birthday parties, and more.

The first outdoor movie showing will take place tonight at Oka Park N Play, located across from Oka Payless. The first movie showing will be tonight at 6:30 pm, followed by a second screening at 9 pm, and COVID-safe protocols will be enforced. For more details, or to purchase tickets, visit