Guam’s Northern aquifer “One of the world’s best”


Guam – Dr. John Jenson, Director of the Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Northern Guam’s membership meeting on Wednesday.

Speaking on the island’s Northern lens aquifer he described our aquifer as “one of the world’s best.” The Northern lens aquifer provides the island with 90% of our drinking water, while the other 10% is supplied by Fena reservoirs collection from rivers and streams.

On a quarterly basis, the United States Geological Survey conducts visits to wells, rain gauges and stream gauges, to determine the condition of Guam’s water resources. This Comprehensive Monitoring Program is mandated and a current database of Guam groundwater and surface water resources.

“We have one of the world’s best aquifers in terms of the amount of water that’s available per capita, the ease at which you can get it out and the natural aspects that help keep it clean, you couldn’t have designed a better aquifer but, the things that make it good, make it complex, which makes it interesting,” said Jenson.

A highlight of the presentation revealed that double the production of water out of the Northern aquifer is possible, while still maintaining high quality water levels.