Guam’s Only Family Homeless Shelter Needs The Community’s Help


Guam- The island’s only homeless shelter for families is in need of the community’s help, especially as the holiday season draws near.

Guma San Jose Project Director Josephine Rosario says they need supplies and volunteers to continue serving families. Senator Telo Tataigue, who also has partnered with the shelter, says the facility is at capacity with 24 adults and 27 children. Currently, she adds about 187 people live in homeless shelters, while 906 people are living on the streets.

“There are about 27 children that are here in Guma San Jose. They need toys, books…educational toys by the way…and books” said Taitague. “They need computers to study when they get home from school. And as you know, the yard here, we were able to donate a swing set and that’s pretty much all they have to play with when they get home from school.”

Taitague adds the shelter also greatly needs blankets, pillows, toiletries, outdoor playground equipment and yard maintenance tools.

While Rosario mentions they try to help families with classes to help budget food stamp dollars and other services, she says the challenge is getting them out to be productive members of society.

“Unfortunately, they can only stay here for 60 days. And during that time, we try to get them to get employed–those that are not working, and try to find more permanent housing for them” said Rosario. “You know, it’s a little time and there are too many works that need to be accomplished.”

If you would like to donate computers, supplies or volunteer your time, you are asked to call Guma San Jose at (671) 637-2957 or visit the Catholic Social Services at .