Guam’s Pilot Recycling Program Kicks Off


 Guam- The Solid Waste Management Division has finally launched its recycling pilot project in an effort to find out if curbside recycling is cost effective and efficient for Guam.

Administrator Linda Ibanez says they began delivering the new 95 gallon recycling carts to homes on Tuesday in the summer palace subdivision. About 417 households in northern subdivisions will participate in the program, with customers to be selected in the central and southern villages in the next few months. Ibanez adds participants can put cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles marked 1 and 2, and certain types of paper into the carts. The items will then be emptied monthly and brought to their transfer station at Guahan Waste Control to be sorted and analyzed.

“Currently there is no fee for those customers” said Ibanez. “It’s just a pilot to get an idea of our recyclable items and to see if it’s cost efficient and it’s going to be effective for the island.”

The one year pilot program will reach 1,000 households when it’s fully implemented. the goal of the project is to provide some data and guidance for a long term recycling plan for all of Guam’s solid waste customers.