DOE, GCC and UOG Are Preparing for the Future


Guam – Building a better future for our island students, that’s what Guam’s three educational institutes hope to accomplish.

On Monday  the University of Guam Board of Regents, the Guam Community College Board of Trustees and the Guam Education Policy Board held their bi-annual meeting at GDOE’s conference room. The three education boards discussed and passed two resolutions that were on their agenda which pertains to sustainability and a collaboration to boost post secondary enrollment.

President of UOG, Dr. Robert Underwood says, sustainability is a curricular initiative that will allow the three educational institutes to focus on issues such as energy, environment, economics and society.  

Underwood say,”Guam Community of college, UOG and GDOE can work on the on that. And articulate that effort so that people with the basic education from K- 12 addresses  issues of sustainability  and then it offers a career tracks for technical positions at GCC or bachelor and masters degrees at the University.”

Underwood looked into various projects being used across the country and found the one being used in Long Beach, California was the perfect model for Guam.  It’s called the “Long Beach Promise”, which has the Long Beach City Unified Schools System, working with Long Beach Community College and Cal State to increase enrollment.  

Underwood says, “It involves physics in the 4th and 5th grade class rooms, it involves a collaborative programs, it involves financial incentives, and it involves early identification of placement issues which is an issue here as well.”

Underwood believes this will make a difference in the way our young people are prepared for the future.

According to Underwood, “In another 10 – 15 years, there is no job that wont require some kind of post secondary training, so it behooves us to work towards that. The changing economy, the military buildup the increase in tourism. These are going to call for highly specialized areas.”

Underwood says the three boards are working on ways to fund this program, find a date to start the placement testing for the students and hopes this program will to begin this year. This program may widen students perspective on education, especially those who never thought about attending post secondary institutes.