Guam Visitor Arrivals Up 17%


Guam – Guam’s visitor arrivals have increased steadily over the past year. Guam Visitors Bureau Deputy General Manager Ernie Galito says Guam’s numbers are up by 17% compared to last year. He cites the easing of the swine flu outbreak and the Yen’s rise against the dollar.


Galito says, “We are still recovering from the H1N1 virus from last year. What that did is it kept a lot of people from taking vacations and now people from both Japan and Korea have decided to take thjeir vacations this year.. And in Japan , their Yen has appreciated against the dollar to almost 34% from 2007. Sop they get a better valus coming to Guam. Because we are a US territory and trading in US currency. And in Korea we’ve doubled our seat capacity with the addition to Jin Air, that started flying to Guam in March.”

Galito says both of those factors have made a slow but steady growth to Guam’s Market. Galito says in real numbers this means an additional 10,000 people visited Guam this month compared to November of last year.