GEC Finally Certifies Guam Delegate Race


Guam – On Tuesday afternoon Guam Election Commission Board came together to do a manual tabulation of  just 11 absentee ballots for Guam’s Washington Delegate. This was done in GEC’s conference room on the second floor of the GCIC Building. Representatives from Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo and representatives from both parties were present.


And that race is now officially over. Out of the 40,786 ballots that were cast, Bordallo received 35,929 votes.

Upon completion of the tabulation, the results were presented to the GEC Board and then the election was certified.. GEC Executive Director John Blas says this meeting is a continuation from November 7th ‘s GEC board meeting.

Blas says, “When the board reconvened in their meeting after the recount of the Gubernatorial results on Saturday November 7th, the board certified Calvo – Tenorio as the winners of the 2010 Gubernatorial election. So the only race was pending was the race for Guam’s Delegate.

According to Blas says, “If board members feel that there are other issues that need to be addressed those issues will be brought up.”

Meanwhile the Gutierrez Campaign has been working for the past 2 weeks gathering information in preparation for their lawsuit. And today, Gutierrez staffer Carlo Branch wrote a letter to the GEC Director expressing concerns about delays in getting documents they have requested in preparation for the lawsuit that they plan .

According to Branch, “Its imperative that no other delays occur.”

But when asked if there was a pending lawsuit filed against the results to GEC’s gubernatorial election Blas says, “I don’t want to comment on that because again the GEC has not received anything in respect to a potential lawsuit. So at this point I have no comment.”

On Tuesday Blas told PNC News that the deadline to file the lawsuit was next Monday.

Blas says “Again to my understanding , I believe it would be either from the date of certification and again that’s something that I would be more comfortable with. It would be 15 days.”

In other GEC News, Blas says, last Friday the Guam Election Commission advertised their request for proposals for their new office space and future home. The bid opening for this procurement process will begin at 11AM on November 29th. Blas says GEC’s lease with in the GCIC building will run out on Dec 31st, but he hopes to get good prospects before then.

The GEC will hold its regular monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon. Some of the items expected to be discussed are the complaints that were filed against this past Gubernatorial election.