GUANG 254th SFS Airmen to Return from Deployment


Guam – Families of 11 Airmen with the Guam Air National Guard’s 254th Security Force Squadron will be spending a nice Easter season together
after the Airmen returned home on Saturday, March 9.


The team was deployed to a base in the Southwest Asia region for six months in support of Air Force Overseas Contingency Operations.

The team was assigned to the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron and helped provide integrated base defense and force protection to
base personnel and resources, as well as force protection support and coordination with host nation and allied forces. They were also engaged and
supported the Quick Reaction Force teams that were responsible for interior and outside the wire patrols.

(GUNG Photo by CPT Ken Ola)]

[A team with the Guam Air National Guard’s 254th SFS returned Saturday from their 6-month deployment in Southwest Asia in support of Overseas Contingency Operations. Airmen march out after arriving at the Guam International Airport March 9, Saturday night.] 

Staff Sergeant Jordana N. Pinaula, who enlisted in the Guam Air Guard eight years ago, was one of the Airmen on her first deployment. She was working on patrol for the first part of her deployment.

“It was a great experience… Seeing the culture and the  people (from the region). I also got to see people … that you never knew you’ll end up meeting again from basic training… It’s an amazing experience,” she said.

To ensure her family was ready for this deployment, Pinaula said she prepared something for her husband.

“My husband had a to-do binder – what to do and what not to do. And he had family support – from my mom. My parents were here,” she added. She was also eagerly anticipating her return home. “I was nervous the moment our plane was over Guam. I was sitting there with butterflies in my stomach,” she said.

One other Airman from the 12-member team had already returned home a few days earlier, according to unit leaders.

The 254th Security Forces Squadron was officially stood up in 2005.

All of the more than 90 members of the unit have been deployed to various locations throughout U.S Pacific Air Forces area of operations, according to unit leaders. They have also supported such missions as Operation Jump Start in the southwestern United States and been deployed to Louisiana in support of Hurricane Katrina recovery operations.